Triton Aqua Pump ECO Plus

A pump kit designed for use with a cavity drain membrane/drainage conduit waterproofing system in cellar conversion or new build basement projects.

Triton Aqua Pump ECO Plus contains two mains powered back-up pumps which is recommended as the basic minimum for any cellar conversion or basement build. Battery back-up pumping systems are available in our Pro and Pro XL ranges.

Triton Aqua Pump ECO Plus uses the same high grade moulded and shaped red sump chamber from the Triton Aqua Pump Pro range, and includes two automatic float switch pumps, non-return valves and pipework kits.

Triton Aqua Pump ECO

A pump kit designed for use with a cavity drain membrane/drainage conduit waterproofing system, in cellar conversion or new build basement projects.

The kit includes a single, mains powered automatic pump, for use in low risk environments where a back up pump is not required.

Triton Aquachannel

Part of a cavity drain system and designed to be used in conjunction with Platon cavity drain membranes.

What is an Aqua Channel?
An Aqua Channel is a moulded PVC drainage conduit which is placed around the perimeter of the basement or along a retaining wall, in a recess formed in the edge of the slab or within a spacing layer created by XPS insulation or sacrificial screed.

Any water entering the below ground areas of the building is managed and controlled by the cavity membrane and intercepted by the Aquachannel. The clear space created by the Aquachannel allows the water to drain rapidly and freely to the discharge points leading to mechanical (sump and pumps) or natural (gravity) drainage.

Triton Aquachannel forms part of a reliable and maintainable waterproofing and drainage system. Aquachannel is available with or without an upstand along the rear edge, to suit the expected usage, eg without upstand when crossing a floor or when offset from a retaining wall, and with upstand when placed against the wall with a cavity membrane lining.

Triton Aqua Pump Pro

The Triton Aqua Pump Pro is specially designed for the removal of ground water from basement cavity drain membrane systems. Comprising polyethylene sump, locking access cover and a powerful submersible pump, the system is very versatile enabling installers to locate inlets to their specifications.

Triton Aqua Pump Pro Plus

The Triton Aqua Pump Pro Plus is identical to the Aqua Pump Pro system above but is supplied with two mains powered pumps. These can be plumbed to either a single discharge outlet or to two separate outlets from the sump. The second mains pump is located on the raised foot within the chamber and provides back up to the primary pump and additional capacity to the system if required.

Triton Aqua Pump Pro Battery Back Up

The Aqua Pump Pro Battery Back Up system comprises a polyethylene sump, locking access cover, powerful submersible pump, 24v back up pump and control panel. It is designed for use where primary pump failure through mechanical fault of loss of mains power would be catastrophic.

Triton Aqua Pump XL

The Triton Aqua Pump XL kit can be specified for where a greater ingress of water is anticipated, where there is a greater depth to the basement or to enable the number of pumps to be reduced.

Triton Temporary Pump Kit

A lightweight and portable pump solution that is ideal for use on construction sites where a cavity drain system has been installed but the site is not completed. It can also be used in flood situations to pump water away from property to minimise water damage.

Triton Aqua Pump

The Triton Aqua Pump kit is a complete, ready to use water control system. The Triton Aqua Pump kit is located in the floor at the lowest point in the basement and nearest to a suitable point of discharge for the pump. The sump lid is capable of accepting foot traffic and is easily removed for maintenance and servicing access.

Triton Aqua Pump Plus

Triton recommends the use of two pumps in each sump to guard against mechanical failure. Triton Aqua Pump Plus comes with identical elements to the Triton Aqua Pump kit but with the addition of a second mains powered pump. This provides both back up to the first pump and increased capacity within the sump if required. To maximise capacity of the pumps they should be linked to separate discharge pipes.

Pump Systems Maintenance

In accordance with BS 8102 (2009), Type C drained protection systems should be maintained. The service period, usually every 6 – 12 months, should be agreed at the outset with the installing contractor or a specialist pump servicing company. Triton can provide details of suitable companies on request.

Dual Assist Control Panel

Where two mains powered pumps are located within one sump, the Dual Assist Control Panel will alternate their operation and also activate both pumps simultaneously when required. Supplied complete with integral high level water alarm and monitoring counters for each pump which record the number of activations and run times. This unit is designed for high risk areas of potential water ingress.

Single Pump Control Panel

This unit has an integral high level audible/visual mains alarm, which is activated by the pump’s float mechanism within the sump. It also records each activation of the pump and length of run time, which is ideal where unknown levels of water ingress occur and also to monitor changes in levels of ingress between service intervals.

Aquasafe Alarm

The Triton AquaSafe Alarm is a warning system that alerts the end user in the event of a high level situation in the chamber/sump, or when a high level situation has been recorded, a power failure to the AquaSafe Alarm or when there is a service due. There is a battery incorporated within the panel to power the alarm in case of mains power failure. The system is designed to activate via a mini or sump float switch located inside the chamber/sump. It is set to activate higher than the activation point of the primary pump.

Powersafe Unit

The Powersafe Unit is an automatic, battery back up alarm that protects property from flooding by storing power in case of a mains power loss to pumps. The system can be used in single or dual pump configurations and is suitable for both groundwater and foul waste.